5 Top Qualities Every Photographer Should Have

Mastering the camera and having the latest camera gear are not the only things you need to become a professional Sanibel photographer. It is all about the inherent qualities that make you see the beauty in everything and capture that beauty with your camera. So what you think will make you a good photographer? ItContinue reading “5 Top Qualities Every Photographer Should Have”

Best Sanibel and Captiva Island Wedding Spots

Sanibel and Captiva Islands located off the West coast of Florida have been a top favorite for destination weddings, family get-togethers or romantic outings. It is ranked among the top 7 best locations in Florida. With scenic skies and water, it is the perfect spot for calm and blissful getaways. If you are considering choosingContinue reading “Best Sanibel and Captiva Island Wedding Spots”

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Wedding Photographer

Be it venue, dress, jewelry, d├ęcor, or makeup; everyone wishes to have everything perfect on his or her wedding day. As a wedding is a lifetime event, it is necessary to avoid certain things to make it a memorable one. Wedding pictures are something that refreshes the memories of the big day. Therefore, it isContinue reading “Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Wedding Photographer”

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